About Make Space Mediation + Care

Hi! I'm K, a meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, and Buddhist chaplain.

Photo: JAS Photography

For over 20 years, I have been curious about Buddhism and meditation. I began my studies in high school at the same time as I began receiving reiki attunements. After quite the wild ride of life, I began more formal training and practice in 2013.

I have studied meditation and yoga with Kelly Morris of the Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training program and completed Yoga on High’s 2014 Ashtanga Yoga Immersion. In June of 2015, I started Equanimity Unlimited (now Make Space Meditation + Care), teaching meditation classes and coaching individuals in mindfulness practices in Columbus, OH and online. I draw much of my meditation teaching from the late Michael Stone, with inspiration from Ram Dass, Roshi Joan Halifax, and Sharon Salzburg.

Inspired by a family loss, I started my chaplaincy path in 2021 with Upaya Zen Center’s Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program. My time in chaplaincy training was transformational. After presenting on my final project about the importance of animal chaplaincy, I graduated in March 2024. My hope is to bring my chaplaincy work to those dealing with situations like grief, pet loss, and life transitions especially.

I believe whole-heartedly in the ability of meditation and mindfulness to change lives for the better. Because wellness is not just about the mind, but about the connection of mind-body, I have continued to also share reiki and am working toward my acupuncture licensure.

Whew. What a ride!

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